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Ergonomic Hip Seat with Cushion

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Comfort and convenience with our Ergonomic Hip Seat Carrier!
Perfect for outdoor adventures or shopping, this lightweight carrier simplifies
baby care. Made from breathable, machine-washable fabric, it adjusts easily for
infants and newborns. Ensuring a cozy sitting position, it promotes healthy
skeletal development. With an abdominal decompression cushion, it’s a lifesaver
for postpartum moms, reducing back pain and stress. Equipped with storage
pockets and a bottle bag, it’s practical and safe, passing stringent safety
tests. Trust the durability of Velcro and buckles for secure baby handling.

  • Lightweight and breathable for on-the-go comfort.
  • Easily adjustable for infants and newborns.
  • Supports healthy skeletal development.
  • Alleviates postpartum back pain and stress.
  • Safe, durable design with storage pockets.
Primary Colour

Grey, Pink, Pink Clover

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Ergonomic Hip Seat with Cushion